Tuesday, July 2, 2013


(From the Military Journal of General Oti Tuituia)

Today was a very bad day, we were informed today that all our sails have been ruined by a mysterious fungus that must have developed overnight. Unbelievable!

Everybody is blaming the Wizard of the Greenhouse for obvious reasons but I think it is too early to know for there are many who would like to see our house fail in its efforts to reach Aotearoa. Some of them are members of this very house.

On a brighter note, His Royal Highness destroyed most of the front part of his palace yesterday. He managed to wreck the western wing of it last week.

I rejoice!

Most Pacific Majesty,

I report to you on matters regarding the deaths of all four monarchs of the principal dynasties of Hawaiiki.

Three weeks ago the leaders of the Houses, Tuituia, Takaherangi, Kakaponui and Kererunui were summoned to the slopes of Te Puia Ririrangi by the Kakapo Wizard Te Whenua-Rongonui. This wizard claimed that he was in congress with the Queen of Volcanoes herself claiming special knowledge of how to stop the volcano from erupting. 

But this was a ruse and treachery was committed when the wizard used nefarious earth magic to manipulate the volcano into suddenly exploding around them and their retainers with lethal steam, gas, lava and rock. I can confirm that the Ariki of Tui, Kereru and Kakapo House perished in the ambush. However there is no sign of the Takahe monarch even though we know she and her consort were at the site when the incident occurred. 

We can only presume them dead.  Their son was suspicious of the Kakapo sorcerer and he secretly followed the royal heads up the mountain. He was severely burned as a result of the ambush eruption. In total over a hundred citizens lost their lives due to the wicked actions of Te Whenua-Rongonui.

We have received information that this Tohunga-kino has issued a challenge to the Mangonui and Kaiaronui of his own house and it appears to be only a matter of time before he does likewise to the young Princess-in-mourning and heir to the Kakapo throne, Rebel Te Kakaponui. 

Te Whare Kakapo is not the only house in turmoil. Tui House has had to endure ongoing ructions these past few weeks as ambitious challengers to the Throne of Air have surfaced to challenge Prince Connor Tuituia for the leadership of that ancient house.

The princes inability to produce his magic complicated things greatly and endangered not only his but the life of his erstwhile Mangotoa who championed the youngster successfully through six battles with other air-practitioners. The general was by then totally exhausted and would not have survived any further challenge.

I am pleased to inform you Majesty that Connors great aunt, Hineahuroa was finally able to make a breakthrough in Connors training and he has now gained access to his abilities, (this was the massive explosion we heard yesterday afternoon). Whether he can learn to control such mighty power remains to be seen.

Meanwhile there has been similar crisis within the precincts of the Kereru House where the new ruler was challenged by an uncle of hers for the mana of the sacred Fire-chair. In fact he attacked her unannounced in the middle of the night and if not for the valiant efforts of her Tohunga, Upoko-Te Kahanui and Mangonui Prince Thomas Te Kereru she would have been incinerated. 

I cannot help but wonder majesty whether this attack is somehow linked to the cowardly actions of the Kakapo Tohunga-kino who killed the princesses parents atop Te Puia Ririnui. One other note on this house majesty...

My sources have informed me that their Kaiaronui is secretly in possession of the fabulous Jawbone of Maui. This relic was thought lost for many generations and we believe it was found when a fissure in the ground opened up during a recent quake. Officially this taonga belongs to you majesty since Maui is your direct ancestor eleven times removed. I therefore request the right to recover it in your name.

Finally Majesty I must report on Te Whare o Takahenuirangi. As I stated earlier, the Takahe monarch - High Princess Anuia is missing presumed dead yet some believe she created a frozen cocoon of water to protect her from the ambush and disappeared into hiding. Others whisper that she was part of the evil plot and is in fact the real power influencing the destruction of the other monarchs. The truth is at this time very hard to discern. 

Our Medical Mage has informed me that the horrofic injuries suffered by young Prince Maori Steel have caused an interesting side effect. His skin appears to have turned to impervious stone which might give him an interesting advantage in warfare. The prince seems very angry with his Kakapo cousin and has vowed retribution.

And so Majesty, with just days to go before final evacuation it can only be said that this is indeed disastrous news for all four houses and there is as yet no known reason for the Kakapo wizards actions except his own wickedness and thirst for power. Majesty you have commanded that the Imperial House withdraw from society in these last days but I beg that you allow some kind of intervention to correct these great injustices.

I await your answer and I am as ever in your service

Na -  Te Mangai Amorangi~

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