Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Te Kereru Toa

Ko Te Kererunui Te Toa! The land quakes with the resounding thud of myriad haka, the raucous noise of celebration. Kereru, the mighty fire waka has prevailed over all her foes. The final battle began in the sacred deserts high upon the volcanic plateau. Kereru in possession of many of the finest warriors and tacticians ever seen destroyed the combined forces of Tui and Kakapo on one front and then obliterated the powerful waka of Takahe on another battlefield. Tui and Kakapo made the fatal error of not investing in and raising up a strong force of elite warriors. They had several opportunities earlier on but never did take advantage. In the end they paid dearly when Kereru arrived on the scene replete with many great warriors. The final battles were almost anticlimactic because Kereru fought as like Te Wheke versus mere shrimps. Not even Takahe who had taken some precautions by raising up a cohort of advanced Toa were able to stop the Red Tide when it washed over them. It was clear to all present that the victors would be Kereru and so it came to pass. So we declare before all that Aotearoa is a Red land. A land fallen into the hands of the House of War and all other houses under their thrall. May it be so that they will show mercy to their defeated foes and may they be kind guardians to the whenua hou. No reira, i te timatanga ko te kore, Engari mo te wa nei ko Te Kereru, Kereru nui, Kereru roa, E tu! E tu!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Te Whenua Pakanga!

Piki Ake, Piki Ake! The air has filled with the sounds and sights of battle. The new land is unused to the horror of war. The royal houses of Tui and Kakapo waka have suffered grievous blows at the hands of the mighty Kereru and Takahe coalition. In the North, Takahe have breached the green and yellow defenses thus breaching the border. Meanwhile far to the South and East in the distant Urewera, a resurgent Kereru has decimated the forces of Tui House and prepare to make what could be a fatal blow. Great karakia have been incanted by the fire Tohunga of Kereru and the water mages of Takahe and they have been able to send powerfully enhanced warriors out against the green and gold coalition. All waka have learned the folly of not making proper provision for their armed forces. The old saying 'An army marches on its belly' rings so true. A great emergency is unfolding among the people of Tui and Kakapo. They must approach their Tohunga and seek arcane knowledge that might gain them some kind of advantage or even escape. It's not known how long it may be before one of these four great waka gains final ascendancy over the others but this reality cannot be far away. Kia Hiwa Ra E Nga Waka Katoa!

Monday, October 28, 2013

I Te Whenua o Aotearoa

'Kia haere tahi tatou'

And so the people of the fire god and the children of the sea made peace. They aligned and sent combined forces to the vast forests of Te Urewera.

The house of war raised itself up against the people of the Tui and they were early victorious but verily they eventually failed and thus tasted unexpected defeat.

Tui, aided by the mighty magically enhanced earth powers of the Kakapo tohunga were able to withstand then overcome their more favoured red cousins.

The elders whispered that those who fail to feed and shelter their soldiers are doomed to battle against tiredness and ill discipline as well as their true enemy...

Meanwhile the people of the sea slowly build...

No reira Kia tupato!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013



And then finally they arrived in their dozens and their hundreds upon the whenua tapu of Aotearoa. Surely the fortunate and the bravest of all those who had departed their ancient now destroyed homeland of Hawaiki. As each waka made landfall they commemorated those whose lives had been lost along the arduous and perilous way and gave thanks for the gift of a wondrous new home.

But powerful Kereru of the flame and Takahe of the ocean docked close together in the favoured land of Te Tai Tokerau. It was expected that they would battle for the right to claim guardianship over the mighty North. And over ensuing weeks they made plans to do so until scouts returned to the Ariki of both waka bearing disturbing news.

Far to the South in colder lands Kakapo the great waka of the earth people had made a solemn pact with Tui, the followers of the Air. A grand alliance to work together, to forge a strong new civilisation in a strange new land. Tuituia had spies in the far North who whispered of contentions between the two rival houses of Kererunui and Takahenuirangi.

But upon hearing news of the Southern Compact, the Red and Blue Houses united creating a grand alliance of their own. And thus war was averted, the spies of Tui were chased from the Northern lands and Half of the House of War departed for the unsettled lands of the East whilst the other half remained with their new friends of the House of Water.

Meanwhile far to the South Kakapo and Tui held many hui to decide which way they would go. They had many fears about whether their island crops would grow in this new much colder land as well as the need to not spread their numbers to thin over the vast amount of territory they now claimed. And as always they kept a weather eye on their two dangerous cousins in the far distant North and East.

And so the first chapter of the generations of Maori Explorers upon Aotearoa was written.

Sunday, September 8, 2013



(Prince Thomas)

  • With regret we announce the sad passing of His Royal Highness Prince Thomas Te Kereru of the illustrious House of War. Prince Thomas was defeated in a duel to the death by an unnamed cannibal leader. He fought bravely but was unable to prevail due mostly to dehydration and hunger related illness.
  • Prince Thomas was a master warrior and highly respected member of royal society who enjoyed great popularity and success in his homeland of Hawaiki. And to that ancient homeland he will return now where he will dwell in glory forever.
  • His Majesty King Uenuku has declared strongly to all Tohunga that more effort must be put into ensuring our people are more properly provided for on this long journey to Aotearoa.
  • His Majesty likewise expressed his disappointment in the apparent cowardice shown by our people on the second day of our sojourn upon Te Motu Kaitangata. His exhortation to all citizens is 'KIA KAHA! - Me kaua e oma haere!'

Na Te Mangai Amorangi



Tui  55

Takahe  37

Kereru  29

Kakapo  10

Most Pacific Majesty,

I dearly hope this message finds you well. The most recent journeys of the four waka
have been less than optimistic. Very troubling, to say the least. Nevertheless, I will
inform your majesty on all the specific dealings the four waka have experienced since my
last report.

This day the legends have been proven true. It seems the four waka have made landfall
upon the infamous Motu Kaitangata! Bloodthirsty savages abound there indeed! The
inhabitants of the island desire to consume our people as kai! Te Waka Tui was also
swept onto Te Motu Kaitangata after their defeat to Te Wheke! Their house was caught in
the ocean current and washed ashore. Whether Tui knew what dangers awaited them or not I
am unsure.

An intense battle against the natives of Te Motu Kaitangata broke out involving Takahe,
Kereru, and Kakapo who shamefully opted to flee! Tui was the only waka unable to run
away from the kaitangata so they had no choice but to fight it out with the craven
cannibals, although if they could have run away they would have...

 And so the kaitangata caught Tui house and they had to fight against the cannibals. The
three houses experienced massive almost catastophic loss of mana which ultimately
affected their resources. I certainly pray that they will remember that they are noble
beings of superior bearing and will not run away in future.

Kereru lost their mangatoa in a duel with the kaitangata general, may he rest in peace!
Takahe lost four soldiers and three civilians, Kakapo lost three civilians, and Tui
lost six soldiers. Peace be upon them all.

It seems that none of the teams desire to cooperate with one another. This has been
evidenced by their lack of unity when fighting the wicked kaitangata. It is my opinion
majesty that the houses are in disarray and ill disciplined. This lack of discipline and
focus caused the death of many soldiers because they didn’t use their structures to work
decently with confidence and in order.

I did see a glimmer of hope in the end, as some of the waka began to put away their
petty rivalries in the name of survival. They started to learn that they should trade and
sell their resources to the cousins for the benefit of all. Whether this will come to
fruition, I am not sure. Mighty blows have been struck against all four waka on this
journey so far. Many of the warriors and civilians have become a delicious kai-hakari
for the island natives. What comes about after this lies hidden in the mists of

Be well Pacific Majesty. I am as ever in your service.

Na Te Amorangi

Monday, September 2, 2013

TE POU TATAU - 4th September


Takahe 199 

Kereru 110 

Tui 110 

Kakapo 70


1 - Wai-Maori (fresh water) // TAKAHE
2 - Kai (food) // KAKAPO
3 - Whakaruruhau (shelter)
4 - Ohiti (safety) // TUI
5 - Rama (light and fuel) // KERERU
6 - Horoi (hygiene)
7 - Rangahaua (exploration & accumulation) 


Arikinui (20) // (MANA) 

Tohunga (15) // (WAIRUA) 

Mangotoa (10) // (KAHA)  

Kaiaro (05) // (ORANGA) 

Most Pacific Majesty, 

I had hoped to bring you good tidings regarding the journeyings of the four house waka but, unfortunately, I regret to inform you that circumstances have taken a turn for the worse. House Tui has been accosted by none other than the fearsome monster Te Wheke! We had hoped to see the last of this nefarious creature but it seems as if he pleasures in destroying the waka of our people. 

The legends regarding this great taniwha were true; Te Wheke does indeed talk, and it seems the giant octopus is interested in testing the knowledge of those he encounters. The survivors of Tui recalled that Te Wheke inquired of them, "To whom do I belong?" The fact that he belongs to none other than Prince Muturangi ought to be known by all to be sure, but unfortunately Tui fell into such disarray at the mere sight of Te Wheke they could not gather their thoughts to answer such a simple question! 

Even worse, they were unable to organize a defence against his merciless attacks before their waka suffered severe damage. In a last bid to gain freedom, Tui's tohunga cast an air spell obscuring their image from Te Wheke which allowed them to escape with their lives. However, with rotten sails and a damaged waka, things are looking bleak indeed for the house of Tui.

Regarding the waka of Kakapo, Kereru and Takahe, I am pleased to inform your Majesty that much of the infighting and lack of discipline earlier reported on has ceased. It seems as if our explorers have finally realised that, with the perils of their journey across the vast ocean, to fight amongst themselves would surely spell doom. Let us hope that they have put such petty bickering behind them.

However, the misfortunes of our explorers seem to grow day by day. The rumours that the waka of Kakapo, Kereru and Takahe have landed on the dreaded Motu Kaitangata have now been confirmed as true. A foul wind set upon them and, row as they might, they were not able to escape the ocean current which dragged them directly to the infamous isle of cannibals! The wind damaged their sails which will need to be repaired forthwith before they can set sail again. Let us hope our explorers can survive without being transformed into the soup du jour!

As always, I am ever in your service.

Na Te Amorangi~

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TE POU TATAU 29th August

Takahe 52

Kereru 50

Kakapo 47

Tui 41

Most Pacific Majesty,

I wish to advise you that the final four and most important waka have now at last departed the island but it was anything but a smooth departure. One particular vessel was beset with the most mysterious case of rotten sails. Another vessel appeared to be arguing all the way out into the harbour and probably beyond. Yet another vessel had discipline issues due to the crew not respecting its Ariki and the final waka had a similar issue except it was the Ariki who was displaying poor leadership.

Are these explorers really the finest that Hawaiki can offer? Most days I doubt they can even make it out of bed let alone across the vast Mother Ocean of Kiwa. But I do wish them all the very best of fortune because they will surely need it. 

As per your instructions Majesty, I have sent special artefacts with them in order to aid their voyages. The usefulness of these artefacts will be decided by the abilities of each Tohunga on board the various waka. I have given carved tablets and counting sticks to the chief Kaiaronui but whether they will use them is anybody's guess.

An array of special weapons was presented to the four Amorangi of each waka shortly before departure. The effectiveness of each weapon depends upon the element of each house in possession of them and the personal skills of each practitioner. The Mangotoa of Tuituia is particularly skilled in battle but so is the Mangotoa Whero - which is only to be expected since that is the House of War. 

I do expect that Takahe will travel well out on the ocean since water is their element. It is a pity they fight amongst themselves so often. Fighting whilst upon long voyages is tedious at best and fatal at worst. Kakapo seems to be the best supplied and most disciplined of all the houses yet they have on board a most nefarious Tohunga who even though he failed to ruin the voyage is doubtless unfinished with his malicious intentions.

Tui has problems with its sails which is most likely the result of sabotage most foul. They can harness the very winds of Tawhirimatea to make them sail faster than any other waka. But they need sturdy sails in order to achieve this! And lastly Kereru is the house I expect to struggle most with being out over the water. Many of them did not even want to evacuate and I had to cast massive spells of compulsion to encourage their departure. But I am sure their outstanding warrior skills will come to the fore.

It has to be said Majesty that there are many dangers and snares out there upon the endless ocean, but none of them as treacherous as the plans and desires that can rest within the hearts of men. Meanwhile as you can sense, the great Maunga-Ririrangi groans and wails above us. I expect these may be the last days for those who remain. Why, it is almost as if she cannot wait to be rid of us.

All power to you, Most Royal Arikinui

Na Te Mangai Amorangi~

Tuesday, August 20, 2013








Your own colours are free
Primary colours cost 2 Pts
Non metallics cost 1 Pts
Gold costs 5 Pts
Silver costs 3 Pts
White costs 2 Pts
More than 3 colours costs 1 Pts per selection

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Points 15th August

Takahe = 41 pts
Kakapo = 38 pts
Tui = 32 pts
Kereru = 29 pts

Na Te Mangai Amorangi~

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Te Pou Tatau

Tui = 21 pts
Kereru = 19 pts
Takahe = 18 pts
Kakapo = 18 pts

Na Te Mangai Amorangi~

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


(From the Military Journal of General Oti Tuituia)

Today was a very bad day, we were informed today that all our sails have been ruined by a mysterious fungus that must have developed overnight. Unbelievable!

Everybody is blaming the Wizard of the Greenhouse for obvious reasons but I think it is too early to know for there are many who would like to see our house fail in its efforts to reach Aotearoa. Some of them are members of this very house.

On a brighter note, His Royal Highness destroyed most of the front part of his palace yesterday. He managed to wreck the western wing of it last week.

I rejoice!

Most Pacific Majesty,

I report to you on matters regarding the deaths of all four monarchs of the principal dynasties of Hawaiiki.

Three weeks ago the leaders of the Houses, Tuituia, Takaherangi, Kakaponui and Kererunui were summoned to the slopes of Te Puia Ririrangi by the Kakapo Wizard Te Whenua-Rongonui. This wizard claimed that he was in congress with the Queen of Volcanoes herself claiming special knowledge of how to stop the volcano from erupting. 

But this was a ruse and treachery was committed when the wizard used nefarious earth magic to manipulate the volcano into suddenly exploding around them and their retainers with lethal steam, gas, lava and rock. I can confirm that the Ariki of Tui, Kereru and Kakapo House perished in the ambush. However there is no sign of the Takahe monarch even though we know she and her consort were at the site when the incident occurred. 

We can only presume them dead.  Their son was suspicious of the Kakapo sorcerer and he secretly followed the royal heads up the mountain. He was severely burned as a result of the ambush eruption. In total over a hundred citizens lost their lives due to the wicked actions of Te Whenua-Rongonui.

We have received information that this Tohunga-kino has issued a challenge to the Mangonui and Kaiaronui of his own house and it appears to be only a matter of time before he does likewise to the young Princess-in-mourning and heir to the Kakapo throne, Rebel Te Kakaponui. 

Te Whare Kakapo is not the only house in turmoil. Tui House has had to endure ongoing ructions these past few weeks as ambitious challengers to the Throne of Air have surfaced to challenge Prince Connor Tuituia for the leadership of that ancient house.

The princes inability to produce his magic complicated things greatly and endangered not only his but the life of his erstwhile Mangotoa who championed the youngster successfully through six battles with other air-practitioners. The general was by then totally exhausted and would not have survived any further challenge.

I am pleased to inform you Majesty that Connors great aunt, Hineahuroa was finally able to make a breakthrough in Connors training and he has now gained access to his abilities, (this was the massive explosion we heard yesterday afternoon). Whether he can learn to control such mighty power remains to be seen.

Meanwhile there has been similar crisis within the precincts of the Kereru House where the new ruler was challenged by an uncle of hers for the mana of the sacred Fire-chair. In fact he attacked her unannounced in the middle of the night and if not for the valiant efforts of her Tohunga, Upoko-Te Kahanui and Mangonui Prince Thomas Te Kereru she would have been incinerated. 

I cannot help but wonder majesty whether this attack is somehow linked to the cowardly actions of the Kakapo Tohunga-kino who killed the princesses parents atop Te Puia Ririnui. One other note on this house majesty...

My sources have informed me that their Kaiaronui is secretly in possession of the fabulous Jawbone of Maui. This relic was thought lost for many generations and we believe it was found when a fissure in the ground opened up during a recent quake. Officially this taonga belongs to you majesty since Maui is your direct ancestor eleven times removed. I therefore request the right to recover it in your name.

Finally Majesty I must report on Te Whare o Takahenuirangi. As I stated earlier, the Takahe monarch - High Princess Anuia is missing presumed dead yet some believe she created a frozen cocoon of water to protect her from the ambush and disappeared into hiding. Others whisper that she was part of the evil plot and is in fact the real power influencing the destruction of the other monarchs. The truth is at this time very hard to discern. 

Our Medical Mage has informed me that the horrofic injuries suffered by young Prince Maori Steel have caused an interesting side effect. His skin appears to have turned to impervious stone which might give him an interesting advantage in warfare. The prince seems very angry with his Kakapo cousin and has vowed retribution.

And so Majesty, with just days to go before final evacuation it can only be said that this is indeed disastrous news for all four houses and there is as yet no known reason for the Kakapo wizards actions except his own wickedness and thirst for power. Majesty you have commanded that the Imperial House withdraw from society in these last days but I beg that you allow some kind of intervention to correct these great injustices.

I await your answer and I am as ever in your service

Na -  Te Mangai Amorangi~

Monday, June 17, 2013



  • POSITION: Rangatiranui
  • ELEMENT: Water
  • GENDER: Male
  • NAME: Maori Steel Takahenuirangi
  • DYNASTY: Te Whare o Takahenuirangi
  • AGE: Youth
  • HEIGHT: 187 cm
  • HAIR: Orange
  • EYES: Black


  • WHAKAPAPA: His people now feel great aroha for him due to his parents demise and his horrible injuries (4/3)
  • MANA: Showing mercy upon Rebel Te Kakapo increases mana (4/3)
  • KAHA: Impervious stone skin!. Water energies are strengthening (5/3)
  • MATAURANGA: A normal student (3)
  • MOHIO: Maori Steel is very clever (4)
  • HAUORA: Maori Steel is extremely healthy due to extremely powerful ocean magic (5)
  • HARATAU: Deft and relatively supple dexterity (3)
  • MATATU: Highly complimented by Te Moana-nui-a-Kiwa (5)
  • ANGITU: Normal but as yet unproven (3)
  • ATANGA: Presents a generally frightening visage due to injury (1)


  • POSITION: Tohunganui
  • GENDER: Female
  • NAME: Te Arikimoata Takahenuirangi
  • DYNASTY: Te Whare o Takaherangi
  • AGE: Youth
  • HEIGHT: 173 cm
  • HAIR: Light brown
  • EYES: Spring Green


  • WHAKAPAPA: Is keeping a secret. Younger sister of Maori Steel and loved by many. Ocean sorceress (6)
  • MANA: Accusation against Kakapo wizard was correct. (4/2)
  • KAHA: Mokemoke is lessening but suspected makutu still affects her (1)
  • MATAURANGA: Te Arikimoata has one of the most formidable intellects (6)
  • MOHIO: Intelligence is neither great nor small (3)
  • HAUORA: Very fit and healthy (4)
  • HARATAU: Regular dexterity (3)
  • MATATU: Regular endurance (3)
  • ANGITU: Normal levels of luck (3)
  • ATANGA: Very pretty and very likable (4)


  • POSITION: Mangotoa
  • GENDER: Male
  • NAME: Tane Mahuta
  • DYNASTY: Te Whare o Takaherangi
  • AGE: Adult
  • HEIGHT: 190 cm
  • HAIR: Black
  • EYES: Green
  • COMPLEXION: Very tanned


  • WHAKAPAPA: Descends from a normal soldiering family (3)
  • MANA: Has many loyal troops (4)
  • KAHA: Very healthy and strong (4)
  • MATAURANGA: A good working knowledge of his craft (3)
  • MOHIO: Has refused direct orders of the young ruler (1)
  • HAUORA: Tane is currently in rude health (5) 
  • HARATAU: Is now unshackled (4/1)
  • MATATU: Massive and impressive powers of perseverance (5)
  • ANGITU: Possesses the luck of Maui (6)
  • ATANGA: Could give Maori Steel a run for his money (1)


  • POSITION: Kaiaronui
  • GENDER: Male
  • NAME: Whiro Takaherangi
  • DYNASTY: Te Whare o Takaherangi
  • AGE: Adult
  • HEIGHT: 176 cm
  • HAIR: Brown
  • EYES:Brown


  • WHAKAPAPA: Comes from a good family (3)
  • MANA: Enjoys massive support and respect (6)
  • KAHA: Quite strong (3)
  • MATAURANGA: Generally knowledgeable (3)
  • MOHIO: Extremely quick witted (5)
  • HAUORA: Recovering from the disaster atop Mt Ririrangi (2/1) 
  • HARATAU: Recovering from the disaster atop Mt Ririrangi (3/2)
  • MATATU: Outstanding endurance (5)
  • ANGITU: Happy and lucky (4)
  • ATANGA: Very nice looking (5)



  • POSITION: Rangatiranui
  • ELEMENT: Air
  • GENDER: Male
  • NAME: Connor Tuituianui
  • DYNASTY: Te Whare o Tuituia
  • AGE: Youth
  • HEIGHT: 213 cm
  • HAIR: Blond
  • EYES: Hazel


  • WHAKAPAPA: Connor has finally produced evidence of his inherited mastery of the air (6/1)
  • MANA: No further challenges have been submitted (4/1)
  • KAHA: Very strong and becoming stronger, a fine warrior (4)
  • MATAURANGA: One of the finest young academics in Hawaiki (5)
  • MOHIO: Connor has good common sense (3)
  • HAUORA: Connor destroyed part of his palace today! (3/1)
  • HARATAU: Connor can be a bit of a klutz (1)
  • MATATU: Lately all he seems to want to do is sleep all day (2)
  • ANGITU: Connor possesses the luck of Maui (6)
  • ATANGA: Very popular when he is not sleeping or moping, very good looking (5)


  • POSITION: Tohunganui
  • GENDER: Female
  • NAME: Sacred Mistress Hineahuroa Tuituianui
  • DYNASTY: Te Whare o Tuituia
  • AGE: Ancient 90+
  • HEIGHT: 169 cm
  • HAIR: Grey
  • EYES: Blue
  • COMPLEXION: Tanned


  • WHAKAPAPA: Great Aunt to the new ruler (5)
  • MANA: Mana is restored yet she has become weakened (4/1)
  • KAHA: Ordinary levels (3)
  • MATAURANGA: Probably the greatest living scholar of air. A true genius (6)
  • MOHIO: Superb intelligence and unrivalled experience in politics and intrigue (4)
  • HAUORA: Relatively healthy from magical air purification (3/4)
  • HARATAU: Not even her air magic can halt the inevitable march of time (3)
  • MATATU: Normal levels of endurance (3)
  • ANGITU: Never was much of a gambler (2)
  • ATANGA: Carries her great age as well as can be expected (3)


  • POSITION: Mangotoa
  • GENDER: Male
  • NAME: Oti Tuituia
  • DYNASTY: TeWhare o Tuituia
  • AGE: Youth
  • HEIGHT: 187 cm
  • HAIR: Black
  • EYES: Brown
  • COMPLEXION: Very dark


  • WHAKAPAPA:  Victories magnify his whanau name! (5/2)
  • MANA: Recognition of his battle prowess increases mana (5/2)
  • KAHA: Recovering well from six death matches (4/1)
  • MATAURANGA: There is no substitute for experience (5/1)
  • MOHIO: A very smart man, resourceful (4)
  • HAUORA: Physical health is generally extremely robust (5)
  • HARATAU: Stunning air enhanced dexterity like no other (6)
  • MATATU: Is exhausted but recuperating (2)
  • ANGITU: Running on empty (1)
  • ATANGA: Very handsome and charismatic (5)


  • POSITION: Kaiaronui
  • GENDER: Female
  • NAME: Tui Tuituia
  • DYNASTY: Te Whare o Tuituia
  • AGE: Youth
  • HEIGHT:199 cm
  • HAIR: Blonde
  • EYES: Violet
  • COMPLEXION: Alabaster


  • WHAKAPAPA: Member of the nobility (4)
  • MANA: Commands great respect (5)
  • KAHA: Extremely tall but not very strong comparatively (2)
  • MATAURANGA: An organisational and administrative mastermind (6)
  • MOHIO: Deafness has affected her severely in recent times (1)
  • HAUORA: Fantastic and vigourous health and vitality (5)
  • HARATAU: Very dexterous (4)
  • MATATU: Can work long and hard - tireless (5)
  • ANGITU: Possesses the luck of Maui (6)
  • ATANGA: Plain and homely (2)



  • POSITION: Rangatiranui (Ruler)
  • ELEMENT: Fire
  • GENDER: Female
  • NAME: HRH Princess Hinemoa Te Kereru
  • DYNASTY: Te Whare o Kererunui
  • AGE: Youth
  • HEIGHT: 175 cm
  • HAIR: Long luxurious brown
  • EYES: Brown


  • WHAKAPAPA: An uncle has challenged her for leadership of the house (2)
  • MANA: Great turmoil and uncertainty has critically lowered her mana (1)
  • KAHA: She has inherited mastery of fire from her tupuna (5)
  • MATAURANGA: Her memory is photographic and she is reputed to be a genius (6)
  • MOHIO: Highly intelligent (4)
  • HAUORA: Fit/well (4)
  • HARATAU: Outstanding pyromatic mastery of fire (6)
  • MATATU: Still recovering from a fire battle with her uncle (3/2)
  • ANGITU: Some say she has a makutu of bad luck upon her (1)
  • ATANGA: A great beauty indeed (5)


  • POSITION: Tohunganui (Wizard)
  • GENDER: Male
  • NAME: Upoko Te Kaha-nui
  • DYNASTY: Te Whare o Kereru
  • AGE: Adult
  • HEIGHT: 185 cm
  • HAIR: Black
  • EYES: Red


  • WHAKAPAPA: A distant cousin to Princess Hinemoa (4)
  • MANA: Very strong powers (4)
  • KAHA: Muscular and extremely athletic(5)
  • MATAURANGA: One of Hawaiki's mental giants (6)
  • MOHIO: Well known self destructive maverick tendencies(1)
  • HAUORA:  Recovering from a fire battle against Hinemoa's uncle (2/1) 
  • HARATAU: Mastery of fire is bettered only by Hinemoa (5)
  • MATATU: Normal levels of endurance (3)
  • ANGITU: Average levels of good fortune (3)
  • ATANGA: Regular features except for eyes (3) 


  • POSITION: Mango-Toa
  • GENDER: Male
  • NAME: Thomas Te Kereru
  • DYNASTY: Te Whare o Kereru
  • AGE: Youth
  • HEIGHT: 174 cm
  • HAIR: Brown
  • EYES: Green
  • COMPLEXION: Tanned


  • WHAKAPAPA: Strong links to all four houses (6)
  • MANA: Extremely powerful (5)
  • KAHA: Recovering quickly from battle Hinemoa's uncle (4/2)
  • MATAURANGA: Very high knowledge levels (5)
  • MOHIO: Normal intelligence levels (3)
  • HAUORA: Normal constitution (3)
  • HARATAU: Extraordinary fire enhanced dexterity (6)
  • MATATU: Long lasting endurance (5)
  • ANGITU: Has discovered Kupe's lost map of short-cuts (5/3)
  • ATANGA: The handsomest most popular boy on Hawaiki (6)


  • POSITION: Kaiaronui (Chief of Guilds)
  • GENDER: Male
  • NAME: Jack Te Kereru
  • DYNASTY: Te Whare o Kereru 
  • AGE: Youth
  • HEIGHT: 180 cm
  • HAIR: Black
  • EYES: Grey


  • WHAKAPAPA: Humble beginnings (2)
  • MANA: Highly respected and influential (5)
  • KAHA: Bookish not brutish (1)
  • MATAURANGA: Has a smart and quick mind(4)
  • MOHIO: Extremely intelligent/fine planner (5)
  • HAUORA: Normally healthy (3)
  • HARATAU: The jawbone of Maui has been confiscated by the Imperial House lowering this attribute (3/5)
  • MATATU: The jawbone of Maui has been confiscated by the Imperial House lowering this attribute (4/6)
  • ANGITU: The jawbone of Maui has been confiscated by the Imperial House lowering this attribute (2/4)
  • ATANGA: Handsome (4)

Sunday, June 16, 2013



  • POSITION: Rangatiranui (Ruler)
  • ELEMENT: Earth
  • GENDER: Female

  • NAME: HRH Princess Rebel Te Kakapo
  • DYNASTY: Te Whare o Kakaponui
  • AGE: Youth
  • HEIGHT: 176 cm
  • HAIR: Black/long
  • EYES: Green


  • WHAKAPAPA:  Badly defeated in arcane battle by her own Mage (1/2)
  • MANA: Total loss of mana due to her inability to deal with her renegade mage (1/3)
  • KAHA: Critically injured (1/4)
  • MATAURANGA: Average/ongoing (3)
  • MOHIO: Extremely Intelligent, practical and dedicated (5)
  • HAUORA: Is fighting for her life (1/4)
  • HARATAU: Incredible earth enhanced dexterity/supple (6)
  • MATATU: Exhausted (2/5)
  • ANGITU: Strong and successful (4)
  • ATANGA: Regular features/Pretty when she dresses up (3)


  • POSITION: Tohunganui (Wizard)
  • GENDER: Male
  • NAME: Sacred Master Te Whenua-Rongonui
  • DYNASTY: Te Whare o Kakapo
  • AGE: Ancient/90 years+
  • HEIGHT: 178 cm
  • HAIR: Gray/wispy
  • EYES: Black


  • WHAKAPAPA: Extremely strong - from the arcane line of Kakapo earth mages (5)
  • MANA: Only the Imperial Mage can now match him for power (6/5)
  • KAHA: Strong/enhanced by earth magic, particularly poison (4)
  • MATAURANGA: Huge depth of knowledge/highly experienced and ruthless (6/5)
  • MOHIO: In rebellion/Disobeying his ruler (1)
  • HAUORA: Supernatural Health enhanced by plant magic (6)
  • HARATAU: Very good/magic is improving in this area (4/3)
  • MATATU: Very good/magic is improving in this area (4/3)
  • ANGITU: Extremely strong/assisted by magic taonga (5)
  • ATANGA: Hideous/body is ruined due to misuse of magical powers/taonga


  • POSITION: Mangotoa (General)
  • GENDER: Female
  • NAME: Lady-General Becky Te Kakapo
  • DYNASTY: Te Whare o Kakapo
  • AGE: Adult
  • HEIGHT: 179 cm
  • HAIR: Brown/short
  • EYES: Hazel


  • WHAKAPAPA: Steeling herself for what lies ahead (4/1)
  • MANA: Highly regarded and respected (5)
  • KAHA: Battle with the Tohunga-kino costs her (2/3)
  • MATAURANGA: Poor use of know how at the moment = makutu (2)
  • MOHIO: Extremely intelligent and resourceful (5)
  • HAUORA: Exhausted & injured (2/4)
  • HARATAU: Makutu has affected dexterity (2)
  • MATATU: Critical due to the effects of powerful makutu spell (1)
  • ANGITU: Luck ran out today! (1/6)
  • ATANGA: Becky is one of the great beauties of Hawaiki (5)


  • POSITION: Kaiaronui (Chief of Guilds)
  • GENDER: Female
  • NAME:  Most Honourable Kamira Te Kakapo
  • DYNASTY: Te Whare o Kakapo
  • AGE: Adult
  • HEIGHT: 211 cm
  • HAIR: Brown
  • EYES: Grey


  • WHAKAPAPA: From a family of good standing and mana (4)
  • MANA: Has very strong support from all the Kakapo crafts-masters (4)
  • KAHA: Suffering from a mysterious wasting disease and relies on magic potions (2)
  • MATAURANGA: Memory has become clouded in recent times (2)
  • MOHIO: Decision making is affected due to medication (2)
  • HAUORA: Physical health is still strong but decreasing (4)
  • HARATAU: Unbelievable dexterity for someone of such great size (6)
  • MATATU: Strong endurance despite illness (4)
  • ANGITU: Seems to have run out of luck (2)
  • ATANGA: Not particularly attractive even at the best of times (2)