Sunday, September 8, 2013



Tui  55

Takahe  37

Kereru  29

Kakapo  10

Most Pacific Majesty,

I dearly hope this message finds you well. The most recent journeys of the four waka
have been less than optimistic. Very troubling, to say the least. Nevertheless, I will
inform your majesty on all the specific dealings the four waka have experienced since my
last report.

This day the legends have been proven true. It seems the four waka have made landfall
upon the infamous Motu Kaitangata! Bloodthirsty savages abound there indeed! The
inhabitants of the island desire to consume our people as kai! Te Waka Tui was also
swept onto Te Motu Kaitangata after their defeat to Te Wheke! Their house was caught in
the ocean current and washed ashore. Whether Tui knew what dangers awaited them or not I
am unsure.

An intense battle against the natives of Te Motu Kaitangata broke out involving Takahe,
Kereru, and Kakapo who shamefully opted to flee! Tui was the only waka unable to run
away from the kaitangata so they had no choice but to fight it out with the craven
cannibals, although if they could have run away they would have...

 And so the kaitangata caught Tui house and they had to fight against the cannibals. The
three houses experienced massive almost catastophic loss of mana which ultimately
affected their resources. I certainly pray that they will remember that they are noble
beings of superior bearing and will not run away in future.

Kereru lost their mangatoa in a duel with the kaitangata general, may he rest in peace!
Takahe lost four soldiers and three civilians, Kakapo lost three civilians, and Tui
lost six soldiers. Peace be upon them all.

It seems that none of the teams desire to cooperate with one another. This has been
evidenced by their lack of unity when fighting the wicked kaitangata. It is my opinion
majesty that the houses are in disarray and ill disciplined. This lack of discipline and
focus caused the death of many soldiers because they didn’t use their structures to work
decently with confidence and in order.

I did see a glimmer of hope in the end, as some of the waka began to put away their
petty rivalries in the name of survival. They started to learn that they should trade and
sell their resources to the cousins for the benefit of all. Whether this will come to
fruition, I am not sure. Mighty blows have been struck against all four waka on this
journey so far. Many of the warriors and civilians have become a delicious kai-hakari
for the island natives. What comes about after this lies hidden in the mists of

Be well Pacific Majesty. I am as ever in your service.

Na Te Amorangi

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