Sunday, September 8, 2013



(Prince Thomas)

  • With regret we announce the sad passing of His Royal Highness Prince Thomas Te Kereru of the illustrious House of War. Prince Thomas was defeated in a duel to the death by an unnamed cannibal leader. He fought bravely but was unable to prevail due mostly to dehydration and hunger related illness.
  • Prince Thomas was a master warrior and highly respected member of royal society who enjoyed great popularity and success in his homeland of Hawaiki. And to that ancient homeland he will return now where he will dwell in glory forever.
  • His Majesty King Uenuku has declared strongly to all Tohunga that more effort must be put into ensuring our people are more properly provided for on this long journey to Aotearoa.
  • His Majesty likewise expressed his disappointment in the apparent cowardice shown by our people on the second day of our sojourn upon Te Motu Kaitangata. His exhortation to all citizens is 'KIA KAHA! - Me kaua e oma haere!'

Na Te Mangai Amorangi

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