Monday, September 2, 2013

TE POU TATAU - 4th September


Takahe 199 

Kereru 110 

Tui 110 

Kakapo 70


1 - Wai-Maori (fresh water) // TAKAHE
2 - Kai (food) // KAKAPO
3 - Whakaruruhau (shelter)
4 - Ohiti (safety) // TUI
5 - Rama (light and fuel) // KERERU
6 - Horoi (hygiene)
7 - Rangahaua (exploration & accumulation) 


Arikinui (20) // (MANA) 

Tohunga (15) // (WAIRUA) 

Mangotoa (10) // (KAHA)  

Kaiaro (05) // (ORANGA) 

Most Pacific Majesty, 

I had hoped to bring you good tidings regarding the journeyings of the four house waka but, unfortunately, I regret to inform you that circumstances have taken a turn for the worse. House Tui has been accosted by none other than the fearsome monster Te Wheke! We had hoped to see the last of this nefarious creature but it seems as if he pleasures in destroying the waka of our people. 

The legends regarding this great taniwha were true; Te Wheke does indeed talk, and it seems the giant octopus is interested in testing the knowledge of those he encounters. The survivors of Tui recalled that Te Wheke inquired of them, "To whom do I belong?" The fact that he belongs to none other than Prince Muturangi ought to be known by all to be sure, but unfortunately Tui fell into such disarray at the mere sight of Te Wheke they could not gather their thoughts to answer such a simple question! 

Even worse, they were unable to organize a defence against his merciless attacks before their waka suffered severe damage. In a last bid to gain freedom, Tui's tohunga cast an air spell obscuring their image from Te Wheke which allowed them to escape with their lives. However, with rotten sails and a damaged waka, things are looking bleak indeed for the house of Tui.

Regarding the waka of Kakapo, Kereru and Takahe, I am pleased to inform your Majesty that much of the infighting and lack of discipline earlier reported on has ceased. It seems as if our explorers have finally realised that, with the perils of their journey across the vast ocean, to fight amongst themselves would surely spell doom. Let us hope that they have put such petty bickering behind them.

However, the misfortunes of our explorers seem to grow day by day. The rumours that the waka of Kakapo, Kereru and Takahe have landed on the dreaded Motu Kaitangata have now been confirmed as true. A foul wind set upon them and, row as they might, they were not able to escape the ocean current which dragged them directly to the infamous isle of cannibals! The wind damaged their sails which will need to be repaired forthwith before they can set sail again. Let us hope our explorers can survive without being transformed into the soup du jour!

As always, I am ever in your service.

Na Te Amorangi~

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