Tuesday, August 27, 2013

TE POU TATAU 29th August

Takahe 52

Kereru 50

Kakapo 47

Tui 41

Most Pacific Majesty,

I wish to advise you that the final four and most important waka have now at last departed the island but it was anything but a smooth departure. One particular vessel was beset with the most mysterious case of rotten sails. Another vessel appeared to be arguing all the way out into the harbour and probably beyond. Yet another vessel had discipline issues due to the crew not respecting its Ariki and the final waka had a similar issue except it was the Ariki who was displaying poor leadership.

Are these explorers really the finest that Hawaiki can offer? Most days I doubt they can even make it out of bed let alone across the vast Mother Ocean of Kiwa. But I do wish them all the very best of fortune because they will surely need it. 

As per your instructions Majesty, I have sent special artefacts with them in order to aid their voyages. The usefulness of these artefacts will be decided by the abilities of each Tohunga on board the various waka. I have given carved tablets and counting sticks to the chief Kaiaronui but whether they will use them is anybody's guess.

An array of special weapons was presented to the four Amorangi of each waka shortly before departure. The effectiveness of each weapon depends upon the element of each house in possession of them and the personal skills of each practitioner. The Mangotoa of Tuituia is particularly skilled in battle but so is the Mangotoa Whero - which is only to be expected since that is the House of War. 

I do expect that Takahe will travel well out on the ocean since water is their element. It is a pity they fight amongst themselves so often. Fighting whilst upon long voyages is tedious at best and fatal at worst. Kakapo seems to be the best supplied and most disciplined of all the houses yet they have on board a most nefarious Tohunga who even though he failed to ruin the voyage is doubtless unfinished with his malicious intentions.

Tui has problems with its sails which is most likely the result of sabotage most foul. They can harness the very winds of Tawhirimatea to make them sail faster than any other waka. But they need sturdy sails in order to achieve this! And lastly Kereru is the house I expect to struggle most with being out over the water. Many of them did not even want to evacuate and I had to cast massive spells of compulsion to encourage their departure. But I am sure their outstanding warrior skills will come to the fore.

It has to be said Majesty that there are many dangers and snares out there upon the endless ocean, but none of them as treacherous as the plans and desires that can rest within the hearts of men. Meanwhile as you can sense, the great Maunga-Ririrangi groans and wails above us. I expect these may be the last days for those who remain. Why, it is almost as if she cannot wait to be rid of us.

All power to you, Most Royal Arikinui

Na Te Mangai Amorangi~

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