Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Te Whenua Pakanga!

Piki Ake, Piki Ake! The air has filled with the sounds and sights of battle. The new land is unused to the horror of war. The royal houses of Tui and Kakapo waka have suffered grievous blows at the hands of the mighty Kereru and Takahe coalition. In the North, Takahe have breached the green and yellow defenses thus breaching the border. Meanwhile far to the South and East in the distant Urewera, a resurgent Kereru has decimated the forces of Tui House and prepare to make what could be a fatal blow. Great karakia have been incanted by the fire Tohunga of Kereru and the water mages of Takahe and they have been able to send powerfully enhanced warriors out against the green and gold coalition. All waka have learned the folly of not making proper provision for their armed forces. The old saying 'An army marches on its belly' rings so true. A great emergency is unfolding among the people of Tui and Kakapo. They must approach their Tohunga and seek arcane knowledge that might gain them some kind of advantage or even escape. It's not known how long it may be before one of these four great waka gains final ascendancy over the others but this reality cannot be far away. Kia Hiwa Ra E Nga Waka Katoa!

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