Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Te Kereru Toa

Ko Te Kererunui Te Toa! The land quakes with the resounding thud of myriad haka, the raucous noise of celebration. Kereru, the mighty fire waka has prevailed over all her foes. The final battle began in the sacred deserts high upon the volcanic plateau. Kereru in possession of many of the finest warriors and tacticians ever seen destroyed the combined forces of Tui and Kakapo on one front and then obliterated the powerful waka of Takahe on another battlefield. Tui and Kakapo made the fatal error of not investing in and raising up a strong force of elite warriors. They had several opportunities earlier on but never did take advantage. In the end they paid dearly when Kereru arrived on the scene replete with many great warriors. The final battles were almost anticlimactic because Kereru fought as like Te Wheke versus mere shrimps. Not even Takahe who had taken some precautions by raising up a cohort of advanced Toa were able to stop the Red Tide when it washed over them. It was clear to all present that the victors would be Kereru and so it came to pass. So we declare before all that Aotearoa is a Red land. A land fallen into the hands of the House of War and all other houses under their thrall. May it be so that they will show mercy to their defeated foes and may they be kind guardians to the whenua hou. No reira, i te timatanga ko te kore, Engari mo te wa nei ko Te Kereru, Kereru nui, Kereru roa, E tu! E tu!

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