Saturday, June 8, 2013

Nga Kaiarangahau - The Explorers

Nau Mai Haere Mai

Welcome to the official blog of the Riverdale School Maori Explorers - Nga Kairangahau

We are a group of Year 5/6 children who are working with our school kaumatua Jack Paki, on a game that encourages us to learn about tikanga and te reo Maori.

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  1. Kia Ora Ra,

    Welcome to the ALT/ako System which is the programme we will be using to explore the Maori Universe and Historyverse.

    ALT/ako is an accelerated learning platform which uses self discovery and innovative information concepts to create new education dialogues for students. These dialogues enable our young explorers to achieve learning targets in new and exciting ways which really imprint and impact positively.

    Riverdale School has just begun a new game based project where our Maori Explorers find themselves preparing to escape the mystical island of Hawaiiki which has become inhospitable due to ongoing and massive volcanic activity.

    We observe four powerful dynasties as they make final preparations to leave behind all they know and embark upon a perilous journey far out across Te Moana-nui a Kiwa which if fortune favours them will lead them to a remarkable new land called Aotearoa. Many adventures and dangers await our heroes as they attempt to navigate a route to safety.

    They will need to use all their innate skills and knowledge if they are to succeed. They must overcome struggles both within and without in their efforts to successfully navigate the arduous passage to the 'promised islands' of the long white cloud. And then there is the massive task of trying to survive in the much colder, hostile and very alien new territory called Aotearoa, if they make it!

    This accelerated education project will utilise Te Reo, strategy, art, story composition, roleplay, music and good old kiwi ingenuity as drivers to success.

    Follow our Maori Explorers as they set out on what will be the adventure of a lifetime.